Pounamu 3 Kete of Knowledge necklace

Harakeke flax weaving


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Hand weaved Kete (basket) made of Harakeke (flax) plus the handles and attachments from the Kete are made from Muka (flax fiber) by stripping the green husk off the flax will leave a beautiful white twine known as Muka.

Pounamu greenstone inside each basket.

Attached is black wax cord that is adjustable.

Package: Black leather bound box with white inner pad.

The three baskets of knowledge, along with two small stones, were brought back to earth by Tane when he returned from his climb to the highest heaven after his parents, Ranginui and Papatuanuku, were separated.   The first basket was called: Te Kete Aronui, contains the

knowledge of our senses: what we experience in the world before us, the natural
world held by our senses.   The second basket was called: Te Kete Tauri, provides our

understanding of what lies beyond our sensory experiences, the complex patterns
of energy which operate behind our sense perceptions, the realities behind the
colours, shapes, smell and sounds we perceive. It is the knowledge of “the real
world,” but a world of cosmic processes and the rhythmic patterns of energy
which uphold and sustain life.

The third basket was called: Te Kete Tuatea, is the experience
we have of our connections with one another and with the past, the knowledge of
our spiritual realities, realities beyond space and time, and the world we
experience through ritual.

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