Bone and Paua shell carved Koru earrings and necklace


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Bone and Paua shell carved Koru earrings and necklace.

Koru (Spiral)

Koru is the Maori word for “bight” or “loop” and refers to new shoots of the silver fern.

The spiral shaped Koru is derived from the unfolding silver fern frond.  The circular movement towards an inner coil refers to going back to the beginning.  The unfurling frond itself is symbolic for new life, new beginnings, hope, perfection, rebirth, a new start, awakening, personal growth, purity, nurturing, a new phase (in life), the spirit of rejuvenation and peace. 

Paua shell

Iridescent colourul shell found only round the

Coast of New Zealand Aotearoa.  Maori people believe

the Paua shell has spiritual significance.  This beautiful

Ataahua iridescent colourful Paua shell helps in dream

interpretation and dream recall.  The Paua shell can

Bring connectivity and harmony to relationships, it is a

Symbol of change and transition.

Packaging:  Come in black leather bound box with black inner pad.

Measurement:  Necklace-100 mm length by 35 mm width.

Earrings: Length 60 mm by 20 mm width.

Plaited wax cord  black.

SKU: B and Paua set 629

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