Long drop Pounamu earrings

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This Pounamu greenstone is Tangiwai takes its name from the tears that come from great sorrow. Tangi means "to cry" and Wai means "water", or "tears". 

Koko-tangiwai, the longer name for this stone, refers to a deep sorrow that is never completely healed.

One of stories about Tangiwai Pounamu is when Waitaiki – stolen from her husband, Tamaahua, by Poutini, a Taniwha (supernatural being) – weeps onto the rocks at Piopiotahi (Milford Sound). Her tears form Tangiwai, the tear-water stone.

Measurements:  Length 60 mm or 6 cm by 8 mm.

Lashing: Smokey brown lashing.

Package:  Black leather bound box with white inner pad.

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