Manuka Kawakawa avocado balm creme

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Balm Creme comes from natural Manuka honey from the East Coast New Zealand of Ngai Tamanuhiri Iwi land of untouched and unspoiled area's where the Manuka trees are abundant and the bees produce the best Manuka honey in the country.

Most of you know about New Zealand Manuka honey being good for people, but how good is it.

Firstly, just like to share a bit of my pass career, I am now a retired Registered nurse having worked in age care in Sydney Australia for 8 years.

Part of my responsibility for the caring of elderly had to attend to their wounds and at my request would order Manuka honey strips in from New Zealand.

With just a small strip of Manuka honey applied many not all of the elderly wounds healed fantastically and very rapidly. So I would say, I swear by Manuka honey.

Hence, I made these Balm cremes with the best Manuka honey affordable plus the powers of the Kawakawa oil plus the natural avocado oil and mixed them into a blend for the usage not only to wounds but many areas of the skin care.

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