Kawakawa Pounamu greenstone necklace


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Type of Pounamu: Kawakawa named after New Zealand native Kawakawa tree leaves.  Streaks of white Pounamu.

Shape:  Roimata (tear drop) Is known to Maori people of New Zealand as the "Roimata". Represent the flow of positive energy, healing, comfort and strength on your journey through life.  Tear drop pendants are generally regarded as touchstones, ideal for meditation.  Also representing a connection to the land.

That's the reason the Maori people attribute the spiritual meaning of strength
and power to the Toki, this symbol resembles determination, control, strength
focus and honor. Its shape represents an axe head.

Measurements:  Length 5.5 cm plus 3 cm width.

Toki has been blessed by the carver Hoani Pohatu.

Cord:  3 plait wax cord black extendable cord to length.

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