Bone carved double sided Manaia with black wax cord​.

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Bone carved double sided Manaia with black wax cord.

The Manaia symbol is said to be a messenger between the living and the dead. They say this is because it’s always carved in profile, with one half of its body in this realm, the other half in the realm of the dead.
 It was traditionally carved with the tail of a fish, body of a man, and head of a bird but nowadays there are many stylized versions of this symbol lending themselves to the artist's design capabilities. 
A lot of people wear the Manaia symbol as a personal guardian with some saying it can protect against evil.
The Manaia design is evolving a lot among Pounamu carvers. Modern carvers are combining the Manaia symbol with other Maori symbols such as the Marakihau (sea monster) in which case the Manaia would have a whale tail. 

Cord: Plaited black wax extendable cord.
Black leather bound box with black inner padding.
  length 155 mm or 15.5 cm plus width 30 mm or 3 cm

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