Bone carved double sides Manaia

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When ordering the Manaia it will be similar to the one in this photo each carving will has slight differences such as the bone grain and whitness.

Double sides carved bone Manaia necklace.

The Manaia is usually depicted as having the head of a bird and tail of a fish plus the body of a man, though it is sometimes depicted as a bird, a serpent, or a human figure in profile. Other interpretations include a seahorse and a lizard.

The Manaia is believed to be the messenger between the earthly world of humans and the domain of the spirits, and its symbol is used as a guardian against evil.

Measurement:  15 cm length by 4.5 cm width

Cord:  3 plait wax cord smokey brown that is extendable to fit.

Packaging:  Black leather bound box with either black or white inner pad.

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