Canadian Jade

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This Pounamu is Canadian Jade from Canada it has beautiful shades of green and streaks of white through this stone.

Spiritual Properties

Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity, signifying wisdom gathered in tranquility. Associated with the heart chakra, increases love and nurturing. It is a protective stone, keeping the wearer from harm. It is believed to attract good luck, and friendship. Jade releases negative thoughts as it soothes the mind. Jade removes toxins, rebinds cellular and skeletal systems, heals stitches, and balances fluids within the body. It assists in fertility and childbirth. 

Toki (Adze) shape:

The Toki had much meaning to the Maori people, fashioned from stone or greenstone it was an essential tool for survival and day to day life of a Maori tribe. That's the reason the Maori people attribute the spiritual meaning of strength and power to the Toki, this symbol resembles determination, control, strength focus and honor. Its shape represents an axe head.

Measurements:  Length 6 cm plus 3.5 cm width.

The Jade Toki has been blessed by the carver Hoani Pohatu.

Cord:  3 plait wax cord smokey brown can extend the cord to length.

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