Kokopu Mako (shark tooth) necklace


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Kokopu Pounamu greenstone

KOKOPU is usually a pale green stone with dark spots sprinkled through it. It looks like a native trout found in New Zealand streams which is called Kokopu in Māori.  So this resemblance gave this type of greenstone its name.
This Kokopu Pounamu has been laser etched with the Kowhaiwhai pattern often seen on the rafters of Marae meaning Maori meeting houses.  Kowhaiwhai pattern is used for communication within Maoridom, also as art works seen on many jewelry etc.
Mako shape:
  Tooth of the shark.
Black wax plaid with extendable cord.
  Length 56 mm or 5.6 cm plus 15 mm or 1.5 width.
   Green string bag.
Pounamu greenstone has been blessed by carver Hoani Pohatu.

SKU: Kokopu Mako55 mm

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