Harakeke flax 3 Kete Knowledge plus Paua shell necklace and earrings


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Handmade the 3 Kete Knowledge made from Harakeke flax and handles from Muka flax fiber. 

New Zealand Paua shell.

This is the story related to the 3 Kete of Knowledge.

Tāne ascends to the heavens

Human life and knowledge were said to originate in the realm of Ranginui, the sky father.
In one tradition, the god Tāne climbed to the citadel Te Tihi-o-Manono, in the highest of the 12 heavens, known as Te Toi-o-ngā-rangi. There he retrieved three baskets of knowledge: te kete-tuatea (basket of light), te kete-tuauri (basket of darkness) and te kete-aronui (basket of pursuit). There are several interpretations of what each basket represents. The scholar Māori Marsden has suggested that the basket of light is present knowledge, the basket of darkness things unknown, and the basket of pursuit is the knowledge humans currently seek.
Tāne, imbued with te ira atua (the godly aspect), also obtained te ira tangata (the human aspect) from the heavens before creating and implanting both aspects within Hineahuone, the first woman. She in turn gave birth to humankind, which accounts for the belief that people possess both a human and spiritual nature.

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