Mirror Hei Matau necklace and earring set


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Mirror acrylic laser cut Hei Matau (fish hook) necklace & earrings.

The Hei Matau, or hook, believed to bring strength, good luck and safe travel to its wearer, and signifies connection to the ocean (or water).

The fish hook of the Hei Matau finds its origins in Māori legend; that the North Island of New Zealand was once a huge fish that was caught by Maui, using a fishhook taken from his grandmother's jaw-bone.

Cultural significance

The ocean plays a significant part in the history of New Zealand's people - the great ocean explorers of Polynesia who arrived here - but also because it provided a huge source of food, and therefore life source. The ocean was also the focus for ceremony, due to the strong relationship to Tangaroa, the god of the sea.

The fish hook was originally a practical tool used for the very purpose of catching fishing but, due to it being worn on the person for safekeeping, it become perceived as an adornment and slowly the hook became an ornamental item they could use when trading with Europeans.


Large Hei Matau: 80 mm length or 8 cm long

Earrings Hei Matau: 50 mm length by 20 mm width.

Earring hooks: sterling silver plaited size 18 mm.

Cord: Black plaited wax cord which is extendable.

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