Graphic design resin earrings Maori design pattern


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Graphic design resin earrings:

Design:   Tāniko is the Māori finger-weaving technique which uses warps, wefts, Muka (flax fiber) and Harakeke (flax) plus colour to create patterns.This is a more common Tāniko weaving design. The names of these designs vary from tribe to tribe.

Aramoana pattern:  Aramoana means 'pathway of the sea'. The horizontal zigzags suggest pathways that the ocean and other waterways provide to many destinations.  Tukemata literally means 'eyebrows', but this design, with its notched zigzag patterns, has different meanings in different regions of New Zealand.

Measurements: length 60 mm by 15 mm width.

Earrings: Sterling silver plaited size 18 mm.

Packaging:   Come on a white laminated card.


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