Bone carved Mako shark earrings

Bone carving earrings


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Mako shark meansshark tooth a symbol of male strength, proud masculinity and potency.  It offers strength, guile, protection and guidance to the wearer.    It brings good fortune to the wearers life and believed to protect the individual from evil spirits, shark attacks and water accidents. 
The shark spirit embodied in the tooth is a peaceable predator in Maori belief.  It is to be strong and aggressive when it comes to opportunities and challenges.  At the same time forge lasting friendships and work hard to keep the peace.  It is a totem symbol which confirms self-confidence, self-trust and momentum in life. 

New Zealand Paua shell inlay. 

Measurement: 60 mm length by 15 mm width.

Box:  black leather bound, with black inner pad.

Earring hooks: sterling silver plaited size 18 mm


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